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Technology behind ppx-tec api, app



Bluetooth® Technology has been accepted industry-wide, including healthcare sourcing clinical data. It is an open standard for short-range radio frequency communication. Bluetooth technology is used primarily to establish wireless personal area networks. This allows users to form ad hoc networks between a wide variety of devices to transfer voice and data. Bluetooth is a low-cost, low-power technology that provides a mechanism for creating small wireless networks on an ad hoc basis, known as piconets. A piconet is composed of two or more Bluetooth devices in close physical proximity that operates on the same channel using the same frequency hopping sequence.


Bluetooth Piconets are often established on a temporary and changing basis, which offers communication flexibility and scalability between mobile devices. As an extra security layer, each provider will assign a token to facilitate the transmission of the records.


The token is a self-generating 4-digit character, assigned from providers. Another layer of security for allowing devices to exchange data Point-2-Point, uniquely different on every transmission. ppx-TEC is HL7, FHIR & NIST Compliant.

Advantages of Bluetooth technology:

  • No exiting network required

  • Transfer is only Point-2-Point

  • The connection is temporary and only exists and operates for the transfer of single packet data

  • NO COSTS associated with using Bluetooth for the Patient

      or Provider.

Capabilities Statement
See our capabilities statement including core competencies with a video overview,
company snapshot, market differentiators and primary NAICS and PSC codes.

 Behind ppx-TEC App

Debra L. Griffin

Former Small Rural Hospital Administrator, HealthCare Consultant


It's my belief that appropriate healthcare is a basic right for all by facilitating more access and regulating costs by empowering the patients' with ownership of their personal health data. Patient/Provider encounters with the right data at the right time, promote better health leading to cost reductions.


The Affordable Care Act's efforts to foster Health IT Interoperability, The Clinical Health Act, Apple along with Google platforms and the use of smart devices gave me this opportunity to deliver PPX as the standard solution for interoperability.

Dean M. Harrison 

Owner of HSOFT Consulting in Baton Rouge, LA

ppx-TEC’s API,app developer/

programmer, Dean, is a Registered Apple Developer.

Mario Alessi

Owner of Solution Pronto in Baton Rouge, LA

Prepared ppx-TEC’s Data Flow and is an Apple Certified Support Professional


Tyler Durrett

Secondary Programmer

Lonnie L. Robinson

Graphic Artist, Branding Specialist

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