840 innovative Digital Health, eHealth, mHealth startups in the USA

Since 1998, Dr. Hempel Digital Health Network is the organizer of the No.1 Health IT forum in the world in partnership with MEDICA- the biggest medical trade show in with 127,000 visitors from 70+ countries.

This list is random and not ordered

Sno. Company Location

1 Medumo USA

2 HealthWiz USA

3 SleepDoc+ USA

4 SecureMySocial USA

5 Benefit Defender USA

6 Sensible Vision Inc. USA

7 Face2Face Health USA

8 Channel Health, LLC USA

9 My Virtual Doctor USA

10 vida.watch USA

11 Metrix Health USA

12 VeriPAD USA

13 The Dentist is IN USA

14 Tyto, Inc. USA

15 Cognotion USA

16 Eko Devices USA

17 SimplifIDe, Inc. USA

18 Survivor Games USA

19 Healthchat USA

20 LoudCloud USA

See complete list here

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