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PPX-TEC: Seamless, Non-threatening Data Management Exchange

ppx-tec’s solution portfolio comprises a medical information management platform to support seamless data exchange. Encompassing an application and APIs for iOS and Android environments, the ppx is a “non-threatening” healthcare information management platform that supports a high degree of data interoperability. “ppx is non-threatening as companies can integrate platforms of their choice with ppx and yet have complete control over the information shared,” says Griffin, founder, ppx-tec. Another flagship feature of the platform is share screen, through which doctors can view information that patients exchange with them using Bluetooth. The platform also features a Host application that serves as a one-stop shop for the exchange of information between patients, doctors, and insurance companies. These clinical monitoring apps currently used by the doctors to archive patient data or the insurance companies to process the payments, can be embedded in the Host application. The Host App feature currently hosts a website and is being developed further. ppx involves two components: an app installed on an iOS or Android device and another app integrated with the vendor’s platform to exchange data using an eight-digit code called the token, generated by the doctor’s app. The patient’s physical presence at a hospital allows the sharing of healthcare information using Bluetooth technology, which addresses the problems arising from inadequate internet connectivity in rural areas. Furthermore, “More often than not, patients have problems articulating the medical history to doctors, which makes diagnosis difficult. Relaying the information through reports eliminates the problem completely,” says Griffin. The availability of comprehensive medical history drives better decision-making, allowing doctors to propose the best treatment plans as opposed to relying on “guesstimation,” thereby enhancing accountability on their part. The elimination of duplicity in tests, calls, and procedures, reduces treatment costs apart from accelerating the treatment manifold.

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